Regional Partners

The following is a partial list of local jurisdictions whom are active participants in regional groundwater management and help to support this website.

  • Alta Irrigation District
    Bakman Water Company
    Burrel Ditch Company
    City of Clovis
    City of Dinuba
    City of Fresno
    City of Kerman
    City of Lemoore
    City of Orange Cove
    City of Reedley
    Clark’s Fork Reclamation District
    Consolidated Irrigation District
    County of Fresno
    County of Kings
    County of Tulare
    Crescent Canal Company
    Easton Community Services District
    Empire West Side Irrigation District
    Fresno Irrigation District
    Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District
    Fresno Slough Water District
    Hills Valley Water District
    Jacob Rancho Water Company
  • James Irrigation District
    John Heinlen Mutual Water Company
    Kings County Water District
    Kings River Conservation District
    Kings River Water District
    Laguna Irrigation District
    Lemoore Canal & Irrigation Company
    Liberty Canal Company
    Liberty Millrace Company
    Liberty Water District
    Mid-Valley Water District
    Orange Cove Irrigation District
    Raisin City Water District
    Reclamation District #1606
    Reed Ditch Company
    Riverdale Irrigation District
    Stinson Canal & Irrigation Company
    Stinson Water District
    Stratford Irrigation District
    Sultana Community Services District
    Tri-Valley Water District
    Upper San Jose Water Company