DWR Publishes SGMA Best Management Practices

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Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), DWR is required to publish Best Management Practices (BMPs) on its website by January 1, 2017. On December 27, DWR published the Best Management Practices (BMPs), a series of five documents that provide regulatory clarification, technical guidance, and general examples to assist groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) and inform local agencies and stakeholders.

The Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations define BMPs as the following: “Best management practice” refers to a practice, or combination of practices, that are designed to achieve sustainable groundwater management and have been determined to be technologically and economically effective, practicable, and based on best available science. –GSP Regulations §351(h)

The BMP topics include the following:

BMP 1: Monitoring Protocols, Standards, and Sites

BMP 2: Monitoring Networks and Identification of Data Gaps

BMP 3: Hydrogeological Conceptual Model

BMP 4: Water Budget

BMP 5: Modeling

In addition to the topics addressed in the BMPs, DWR also drafted Guidance Documents for topic areas unique to SGMA, including a preparation checklist for submitting a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to DWR and a GSP annotated outline.

All available information can be downloaded here: http://water.ca.gov/groundwater/sgm/bmps.cfm